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We are happy to provide our services to transfer your firearms or NFA items either into our shop or shipping out to another Dealer.

We charge $25.00 per item for firearm transfers. (cash, check or Pay Pal link below.)
(Active Military, Veterans, Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS pay only $15.00 per item on all transfers.)

We charge $45 per item for NFA item transfers.  (cash, check or Pay Pal link below.)
to view the NFA transfer process.

Items directly purchased through us do not have any transfer fees attached.

Transfer Fees

To Transfer a firearm in from another Dealer, simply provide us with the selling dealers contact information, (email, voice and fax numbers).  We will make contact with this dealer to make sure they have what they need to transfer your firearm directly to us.  When your firearm arrives at our shop, we will contact you and set up an appointment to pick up your firearm, (after all the proper paperwork and required background checks, of course).
(Any non-NFA firearm transfer not completed after thirty (30) days will be assessed a $50 per month storage fee, unless a prior arrangement has been made with the shop Owner.  Any non-NFA firearm transfer not completed six (6) months after received will become the property of Geek's Firearms.)

To Ship your firearm to another Dealer, make an appointment to bring your firearm by.  We will need to have the contact information for the dealer receiving the firearm, (email, voice and fax numbers), as well as the name of the individual who will ultimately be receiving this firearm.  We will contact the dealer to make sure we have the proper information to ship the firearm to their shop and to make sure they are aware of the incoming firearm.  If you provide the shipping container for your firearm, we will charge you only the shipping fee plus a $25.00 transfer fee per item shipped.  If you want us to pack your firearm, packing and handling fees will be applied per item shipped, (fees to be determined at the time of packing). 

The majority of our shipping is through the
USPS, unless otherwise requested.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.  By Email or phone - 281-217-6751.