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NFA Transfers

How to obtain a Silencer through Geek’s Firearms

Steps in obtaining a Silencer are relatively easy, the tough part in having patience while your forms are being approved by the ATF.

Purchase directly from us, or have your silencer shipped in from another dealer.  Either way, you get the entire Form 4 experience.

With the first step of your Form 4 tour, you will need to decide whether you wish to obtain the silencer as an Individual or as a Trust/Legal Entity. 

As an Individual, the silencer is registered in your name.  No one else may be in possession of your silencer.  No loaning it to a buddy or a family member.  You and you alone are responsible for your silencer.  Upon your death, the silencer has to be registered by your executor to another individual, trust or legal entity via the filing of a Form 4 and paying an additional $200,.

As a Trust or Legal Entity, (Corporation, LLP, LLC, etc.), the silencer is registered to the trust or legal entity.  Anyone listed as a member of the trust or legal entity may possess the silencer. 

In the examples below, I’ll be stepping through the transfer of a suppressor.  The process is the same whether you are transferring a machine gun, silencer, short barreled rifle, short barrel shotgun or destructive device.  For all of these firearms, you’ll select the $200 checkbox.  For the transfer of an AOW, select the $5 checkbox.  AOW’s are those defined as a pistol or revolver having a smooth bore designed or redesigned to fire a fixed shotgun shell; also any weapon with a combination of shotgun and rifled barrels 12 inches or more and less than 18 inches in length, from which only a single discharge can be made from either barrel without manually reloading.
Such term shall not include a pistol or a revolver having a rifled bore, or rifled bores, or weapons designed, made, or intended to be fired from the shoulder and not capable of firing fixed ammunition.

Ok, let's get to the FUN stuff!

This form is required to have multiple copies, don't foge to fill in the ATF copy, copy 2 to be returned to the registrant and the CLEO copy.

In item 1, you’ll select the type of transfer that you are requesting, in this example, a silencer, so select the $200 checkbox. 

Item 2 enter the Transferee’s name and full address. 
Use the address of where you will store the item.  If you will be using a Trust or Legal Entity, enter the name and address of the Trust or Legal Entity here, as well as the name of the Trust.

form 4 1

Items 4a-4g will have the manufacturer, make, model and serial number data for the item you are transferring.  Check this carefully to insure it is correct.

Items 5 and 6 will be blank, unless you are an FFL dealer.

Items 7 through 11 will be completed by your FFL dealer.

                                            Form 4 2

Item 12 will contain information related to your local Chief Law Enforcement Officer, usually your County Sheriff.

Item 13 requires a statement from the transferee, (you), about why you wish to possess an NFA weapon.  Details and wisecracks are not suggested, usually, “all lawful purposes.”, will be sufficient here.

                                 Form 43 

Items 14 through 17 since this example is using a Trust pr Legal Entity,  you will not enter any data into these fields.  The will be answered in the Form 5320.23 that will need completing for each responsible person named in your Trust or Legal Entity.

Sign and date on the Certification lines at the bottom of this section.

                               Form 4 4

Item 18 This example is for a transfer involving a Trust or Legal Entity, so here you enter the number of responsible persons that will be listed in your Trust or Legal Entity.

Item 19 is the full names of each of the responsible persons assiciated with your Trust or Legal Entity

Item 20 you will select the type of payment to be included when submitting this form filling in any additonal information necessary if using credit/debit.  Signature is only required here when using credit/debit cards.

                                Form 4 5

So, think you're done?  NOPE!  You will repeat this for the duplicate form the ATF will return to you and CLEO copy of the form that you will send/deliver to your local CLEO.  Make sure the data on each copy matches.

Ok, so, take a break 'cuz we have more forms to fill out.

ATF Form 5320.23 - Responsible Person Questionaire

This form is required whenever you apply as a Trust or Legal Entity when you fill out the Form 4.  In this example, we are filing as a Trust.  As with Form 4, this form requires duplicates, dont forget to fill out the AFT copy AND the CLEO copy of this form.  Also, fingerprints are required to be submitted for each responsible person.  Use the FBI FD-258 card for these.

Item 1 Select the box ast reflect the Form this will be attached to, in this example, we previously filled out a Form 4.

Item 2 Enter the same data entered on Form 4 item 2a.  Make sure it matches exactly.

Item 3a Slow down on this one.  This is the name of one of the Responsible Persons you entered on Form 4 item 19.  One Form 5320.23 must be completed for each member listed on Form 4 item 19.

Item 3b-3d Enter the responsible persons telephone number, email and other names used.  On item 3d, include any other names used as well as Maiden name.

form 4 10

Item 3e The responsible person named in Item 3a will need to affix an original passport photo here using glue or tape. The BATFE will not accept a stapled or paperclipped photo.

Item 4a-4e Enter all data associated with the manufacturer, type of weapon, model, caliber and serial number.  Double check to make sure it is accurate.

                         form4 11

Item 5 As part of the transfer process, the transferee is responsible for providing notification to the local Chief Law Enforcement Officer, (CLEO), in his area The CLEO is an officer of the law with authority over your county of residence’s jurisdiction who is notified of your intent to own and has the authority to present ineligibilities to the BATFE.

                      form 4 13

Item 6 The Responsible Person must answer the questions honestly.  A 'Yes' response to any of these questions may make this person ineligible.

                       form 4 15

Item 7 The Responsible Person must answer the questions honestly.  A 'Yes' response to any of these questions may make this person ineligible.

Item 8 Complete only if you are a registered alien.

The Responsible Person should sign and date the bottom of the form.

                      form 4 20

Now comes the patience part.


Package up all of the completed forms for the ATF, Form 4 (ATF copy and Copy to be returned to Registrant) and a Form 5320.23 for each Responsible Person listed on Form 4 Item 19), FBI FD-258 fingerprint card for each Responsible Person filing a Form 5320.23. 

Make sure each Form 5320.23 has a valid passport photo attached.

Make sure each form, (and copies), have a valid signature and date where required.

Make sure you have attached a check, money order or have entered your credit card information on Form 4 Item 20 and signed and dated.

Get a large envelope and place the ATF address listed on the top of your Form.  In this example, the Form 4 shows thie address:

                                         form 4 25

Prior to stuffing the envelope, check EVERYTHING again to make sure all is filled in as required and signed as necessary.

Now, get the CLEO forms and do the same checking and mail it to the address used on Form 4 Item 12.

Ok, now go find something to distract yourself with while you await the ATF to process your request.