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I am offering basic Gunsmithing services.

Basic services offered are:  Written appraisals, Cleaning, Mounting Scopes, sight replacement, AR platform builds (basic or customized), Updating your AR (caliber conversion, new fore-end hand guard, new shoulderstock, new trigger,  gas block, etc.

In-House Services
Basic Labor Rate - $65.00 per Hour

Pistols, Revolvers, Rifles and Shotguns - $60.00 Each
Double Barrelled Rifle and Shotguns - $70.00 Each

Written Appraisal
Utilizing the NRA Modern Gun Condition Standards - $20.00 Each
Utilizing the NRA Antique Firearm Condition Standards  - $30.00 Each

AR Services
Complete Assembly utilizing your parts, headspaced - $100.00 Each
Gas Block installation utilizing your parts - $40.00 Each
Hand Guard/Float Tube Installation utilizing your parts - $50.00 Each
Muzzle Break Installation on threaded barrel - $30.00 Each
Ambi Safety Installation utilizing your parts - $25.00 Each

Scope and Sight Services
Install Sights utilizing your parts - $40.00 Each
Installation of your scope and bore sighting - $45.00 Each
Zero Scope/Rifle at 100 Yards, Ammunition Extra - 80.00 Each

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment. 
By Email or phone - 281-217-6751.